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Why Men Earn More or Off Premise Catering Management

Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth behind the Pay Gap and What Women Can Do about It

Author: Warren Farrell

Controversial and exhaustively researched, gender expert Warren Farrell's latest book Why Men Earn More takes as its stunning argument the idea that bias-based unequal pay for women is largely a myth, and that women are most often paid less than men not because they are discriminated against, but because they have made lifestyle choices that affect their ability to earn.Why Men Earn More argues that while discrimination sometimes plays a part, both men and women unconsciously make trade-offs that affect how much they earn. Farrell clearly defines the 25 different workplace choices that affect women's and men's incomes — including putting in more hours at work, taking riskier jobs or more hazardous assignments, being willing to change location, and training for technical jobs that involve less people contact — and provides readers with specific, research-supported ways for women to earn higher pay. Why Men Earn More, with its brashness in the face of political correctness, is sure to ignite a storm of media controversy that will help to make this thoroughly pragmatic expos–č Warren Farrell's next bestseller.

Author Biography: Warren Farrell, Ph.D. (Carlsbad, CA) is an internationally esteemed expert on gender issues, and the only man to have been elected three times to the board of directors of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in New York City. Financial Times named Dr. Farrell one of the world's leading thought leaders. He has been interviewed by Larry King, Peter Jennings, and Barbara Walters, and has appeared many times on nationally syndicated TV shows such as Oprah, Donahue, and CNN's Sonya Live. He is the author of many books, including the bestsellers Why Men are the Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power. - Jeanne Sahadi

"I don't usually use this column to recommend books, but "Why Men Earn More" will provide much food for thought, no matter where you stand in the pay-gap debate."

New York Post, March 28, 2005 - Erika Welz Prafder

"He lays out a practical and clear set of considerations, such as your field: science and technology versus social sciences and the arts. Work environment: which male fields are becoming female-friendly? Education and training: what will be the most relevant 10 years from now? Your work hours: how much longer should you work for how much more pay? Travel and relocating: how far is too far to go for higher pay? The author based his information on comprehensive research and provides facts and figures as evidence. It is designed to give information in order to make empowering choices that will lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life."

Bloomberg News

"Why Men Earn More does treat an important subject comprehensively, fairly and accurately, drawing on international trends even as it focuses on the United States."

What People Are Saying

Marty Nemko
Chose Why Men Earn More as one of, "Five great career books to read in 2006."
Career Coach, U.S. News & World Report online

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Off-Premise Catering Management

Author: Bill Hansen

Off-Premise Catering Management, Second Edition is the updated edition of the NACE-recommended guide to planning, executing, and managing an off-premise catering management business. The book presents profiles of off-premise catering companies and sole proprietors from both large and small operations. It includes many useful forms and checklists throughout the planning and execution stages of the event and offers extended coverage of marketing off-premise catering businesses.

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