Thursday, December 18, 2008

Career Preparation or Successful Wine Marketing

Career Preparation: Transition Guide for College Students

Author: George Dupuy

Career PREParation is designed to assist students in making the exciting and challenging transition from campus to the world of work. The text's concepts are structured around the PREP acronym:

Plan and organize the process
Research both self and the environment
Education now and continue lifelong learning
Perform and succeed in your transition and career

The PREP model, combined with numerous individual and group exercises, makes the transition process easy to understand, remember, and apply.

Book review: Human Resources Management or Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

Successful Wine Marketing

Author: James T Lapsley

Successful Wine Marketing explains the principles, logistics, and strategies of wine marketing and sales, helping any winery or distributor understand the market, find a niche, and develop a successful plan. Full of descriptions, tips, and real world examples from both wine and business experts, this book distills the lessons and practical knowledge that come out of the highly regarded University of California at Davis short course, given each summer in conjunction with the Office international de la vigne et du vin (OIV). From the basics of understanding the wine consumer, the marketplace, and trends; to developing strategies through category management, design, and positioning; to understanding the legal environment and distribution chain, 'Successful Wine Marketing' is the first publication to provide sound, practical information on both wine and business. Completely up to date, with information on Internet marketing, small winery strategies, and so much more, 'Successful Wine Marketing' is a necessary and valuable resource for small and large wineries, wine consultants and distributors, enology departments and associations, trade associations and agents, short courses and professional development courses, graduate and undergraduate wine marketing courses, and some wine retail outlets.

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