Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Corporate View or Principles of Microeconomics

Corporate View: Management and Human Resources

Author: Karl Barksdal

Corporate View is a series of text/simulations that use a live corporate Intranet. Students learn to communicate and understand corporate terminology, research and make business decisions, use the Internet and corporate Intranet as office tools, and work in real and virtual teams. The Corporate View titles can be used in any order, independently or jointly. Corporate View: Management and Human Resources is a text/simulation that lets students complete entry-level activities in the human resources department of a large corporation. Students rely on a live corporate Intranet as they perform activities related to recruitment and hiring, employee benefits, training, and legal compliance.

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Principles of Microeconomics

Author: Eugene Silberberg

In this text, the author has not relegated the illustrations and examples to 'boxes' or 'sidebars.' The examples are precisely the central concern of economics; they are the whole point of the theory. They are the only reason for developing the laws of demand, or diminishing marginal product, other than to analyze real, observable issues? The 'story problems' are economics, not 'illustrations' of economic theory.

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