Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo Atlas of Nursing Procedures or The CCL Handbook of Coaching

Photo Atlas of Nursing Procedures

Author: Pamela L Swearingen

The Photo Atlas of Nursing Procedures uses 1,400 photographs to vividly show you how to perform over 325 nursing procedures with confidence. This bestselling text helps you master the skills required in the clinical setting.

Table of Contents:
Ch. 1Employing Techniques for Infection Prevention and Control3
Ch. 2Using Proper Positioning, Mobilization, and Transferring Techniques33
Ch. 3Administering Medications and Monitoring Fluids81
Ch. 4Managing Female Reproductive Procedures and Immediate Care of the Newborn181
Ch. 5Managing Gastrointestinal Procedures235
Ch. 6Managing Respiratory Procedures311
Ch. 7Managing Cardiovascular Procedures385
Ch. 8Managing Renal-Urinary Procedures429
Ch. 9Managing Musculoskeletal Procedures493
Ch. 10Managing Neurosensory Procedures583

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The CCL Handbook of Coaching: A Guide for the Leader Coach

Author: Peter Scisco

Coaching is vital to developing talent in organizations, and it is an essential capability of effective leaders. The CCL Handbook of Coaching is based on a philosophy of leadership development that the Center for Creative Leadership has honed over thirty years with rigorous research and with long, rich experience in the practice of leadership coaching. The book uses a coaching framework to give a compass to leaders who are called to coach as a means of building sustainability and boosting performance in their organizations. The book explores the special considerations that leader coaches need to account for when coaching across differences and in special circumstances, describes advanced coaching techniques, and examines the systemic issues that arise when coaching moves from a one-to-one relationship to a developmental culture that embraces entire organizations.

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