Sunday, December 28, 2008

Financial Management and Recordkeeping Student Edition or Understanding Econometrics with Economic Applications

Financial Management and Recordkeeping, Student Edition

Author: McGraw Hill

This completely updated program contains the information students need to master business and personal recordkeeping, as well as basic accounting records.

Table of Contents:

1  Working With Records

2  Personal Banking

3  Personal Budgeting

4  Credit Records

5  Receiving Cash

6  Cashier's Activities

7  Records for Small Businesses

8  Petty Cash and Travel Records

9  Business Banking Records

10 Sales, Records, and Reports

11 Inventory Records

12  Accounts Payable Procedures

13 Payroll Records

14 Tax Records and Payroll Reports

15 Introduction to Accounting

16 The General Journal and Ledger Accounts

17 Special Journal: Purchases and Cash Payments

18 Special Journals: Sales and Cash Receipts

19 The Trial Balance and Financial Statements

20 Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

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Understanding Econometrics with Economic Applications

Author: Dennis Halcoussis

Covering all of the main topics, including panel data, that are expected in the first econometrics course, Understanding Econometrics uses a new, understandable approach that explains theory intuitively in English, not through a series of mathematical derivations. Recognizing that most students will not be doing economics graduate work, but that they may well need to understand econometrics and how to apply it, this new text focuses on the connection between theory and practice. The text uses a simplified notation system and examples that are integrated with the explanations of the material, fostering comprehension so that the instructor can focus more readily on theory and applications.

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