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Emotions in Organizational Behavior or Health Economics

Emotions in Organizational Behavior

Author: Charmine Hartel

This edited volume looks at the range of research on emotions within an organizational behavior framework and is organized in terms of the individual and interpersonal and organizational levels. Particular emphasis was made to bring in leading researcher

Book review: Les Principes fondamentaux de Cartographie de Processus

Health Economics: Fundamentals and Flow of Funds

Author: Thomas E Getzen

A practical primer to the dynamic field of health economics. Written by Thomas Getzen, a leading academic and practitioner, and currently Director of the International Health Economics Association, this complete, accessible text introduces students to the economic analysis of medical markets and the production of health.
Updated and revised with new cases and the latest developments in the field, the new Second Edition traces the economic rationale and development of the medical care organization. It thoroughly introduces students to the principles and concepts of health economics without requiring prolonged preparatory work or extensive mathematical manipulation.
* Cases illustrate practical uses of economic theory in each chapter.
* More streamlined presentation of macro and historical materials.
* Covers the relationship of marketing to marginal cost.


An introduction to the economic analysis of medical markets and the production of health, primarily for students of medicine, public health, or administration who have little or no background in economics, but also for beginning economics students. Describes the incentives and organizational structure of the health care industry with a Flow of Funds approach, outlines the ongoing evolution of managed care in the US, and macroeconomic perspectives the dynamics of change and determinants of national health spending. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Table of Contents:
About the Author
1Terms of Trade: The Flow of Funds Through the Health Care System1
3Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis39
5Insurance Contracts and Managed Care86
7Medical Education, Organization, and Business Practices127
9Management and Regulation of Hospital Costs175
10Managed Care197
11Long-Term Care227
13Introduction to the Macroeconomics of Health277
14The Role of Government284
15Public Goods and Public Health305
16Economic History, Population Growth, and Medical Care324
17International Comparisons of Health and Health Expenditures349
18Dynamics of National Health Spending376
19Value for Money in the Future of Health Care401

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