Thursday, January 8, 2009

Consumption and Everyday Life or Germany in the Age of Absolutism

Consumption and Everyday Life

Author: Mark Paterson

Introducing the key ideas and major theorists of consumption in a lively and engaging manner, this book draws on theories of everyday life and aspects of sociology, cultural geography, and cultural studies, and presents a comprehensive exploration of the central themes in consumption and consumer culture. Readily accessible case studies describe familiar forms of consumption from areas of everyday life, grounding the debates and ideas discussed.
While each of the chapters crystallize the debate in a specific subject area, they also lie within a larger argument concerning the ethics, the poetics, and the politics of consumption in everyday life, making this essential reading for undergraduates in cultural studies, sociology, and cultural geography courses.

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Germany in the Age of Absolutism

Author: Rudolf Vierhaus

Rudolf Vierhaus's work is much more than a political history of Germany from the Thirty Years' War to the end of the Seven Years' War. His study reconstructs the historical elements that marked this age. He examines economic developments, the social system, and cultural life, even as he continues to pay close attention to Germany's political organizations, its wars, and political conflicts. German history is set both within the diverse pattern of its regional life and the larger European context, in order to restore a full analytical complexity to the age of absolutism.

Table of Contents:

Preface; Introduction;

1. Economic development;
2. Society;
3. Cultural life;
4. Political organization;
5. Wars, Crises, and Conflicts; Conclusion; Chronology; Bibliography; Index.

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