Sunday, February 1, 2009

Operations Management or Competitiveness and Cohesion in EU Policies

Operations Management

Author: Terry Hill

Operations Management presents Terry Hill's vision of how operations can deliver real competitive advantage for organizations. It provides detailed consideration of service delivery system design, with a dedicated chapter on the subject; introduces the importance of people management from the beginning; provides expanded discussion of operations strategy and market linkage, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain issues including e-procurement; demonstrates operations in the "real world" with over 100 mini-cases, plus detailed long case studies at the end of the book to encourage critical analysis; and offers a range of companion materials for lecturers and students.

Table of Contents:
1Managing operations
2Operations strategy
3Managing people
4Designing and developing services and products
5Designing service delivery systems
6Designing manufacturing processes
7Location and layout
8Managing capacity
9Technology developments
10Operations scheduling and execution
11Managing quality
12Managing inventory
13Managing the supply chain
14Process and delivery system reliability and maintenance
15Time and productivity
16Improving operations

Book review: Codin for the Web or Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers

Competitiveness and Cohesion in EU Policies

Author: Ronald Hall

"This is the first comprehensive and thorough assessment of the cohesion impact of EU policies. It will be invaluable for policy advisers, academics, and advanced students."--BOOK JACKET.

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